Wedding Planner Advice from Heidi at Seacoast Harbor Events

We believe the more informed you are with every option during your wedding planning process, the more you are connected to exactly what you want and can make clear decisions. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. We would love to help make your process easier and understand what its like to work with a  Maine wedding planner. If you have more direct questions, please email

What is the process to hire a wedding planner?

If you are lucky enough to have had friends or family members use a wedding planner in the past, then you might be able to ask for tips or even references. If you are like many brides, you are getting married in a destination area, so you will be exploring your options online. The best way to connect with a wedding planner is to call or reach out via email with details about your wedding, vision, date, and guest count. This way a dialogue can start and you can look to schedule a meeting.

The best way to meet, and our preference, is in person. If in-person is not an option, then the next best thing is for a Skype meeting. Keep in mind how personal it is to hire a wedding planner and how important it is to have a very human connection with them. You want to feel like you both truly connect and they understand you. We recommend doing your research, vetting online reviews, and then contacting 2-3 wedding planners to have a conversation with. More than 3 wedding planners and you are spinning your wheels and theirs.

Once you have had conversations with them, and be honest during your conversations, they will put together a custom proposal based on what was discussed. If you LOVED one of the wedding planners and they were a bit higher in cost, schedule another follow-up meeting to discuss the items, concerns and see where there is a cost difference. Communication is key. You never want to walk away from a planner you loved just because you didn’t want to ask about price. Hiring the right fit is most important.

Once an agreement is made and contracts are signed, a retainer fee is due to hold the date and a payment schedule is set and agreed upon.

When should we consider hiring a wedding planner?

The start of your wedding planning process. When you hire the planner for the start of your wedding planning, you now have a “wedding” captain. Someone who instantly knows how to steer the ship in the direction of your vision, desires, budget, etc. This may eliminate that feeling of “I don’t know where to start” which can cripple some couples during the process. Planners are most effective when they come in at the start of your planning.

If you decide halfway through your planning that you need a planner or month-of coordinator, we simply start where you left off and make sure all the components to your wedding are cohesive, beautiful, and match your wedding vision.

Can you save us money?

Yes, but not always in the way you may think. We have relationships with preferred wedding professionals. There are some of them that offer discounts to our company since we use them consistently and we are able to pass along those savings to you. When booking other vendors, we know how much everything costs and where you save, where you need to spend, and tips on effective ways to get what you want at a lower cost. The biggest cost savings is your time. If you didn’t need to spend hours researching, scheduling calls, driving to meetings, and also have a highly creative and trusted team for your wedding day, that saves you headaches and money. We believe time is money and we save you a great deal of that.

Do you specialize in any wedding style?

When it comes to wedding style, we love collaborating with you and our creative wedding professionals we have come to work with. There is not a set wedding style that we specialize in, but we really enjoy the unique and creative. We do however specialize in unique venue production at farms, barns, estates, waterfront, tented, private homes, museums, and art galleries.

Are you with me on my wedding day?

Of course! After all the hard work and planning, we are just as excited as you for the final product and to see you “glowing” on your wedding day. Not only is your planner with you, but she comes with at least 2 assistants and a full trunk of “wedding day essentials” for you and your attendants.

How much do you cost?

We offer custom packages to all of our couples. Our packages range from full planning down to  a`la carte services. Please inquire about your wedding day needs and we will be happy to provide a quote for you!

Do you travel for weddings?

We do and we have! We are primarily a New England based wedding planning company and our general range is from Bar Harbor, Maine down to Cape Cod, MA. We have a heavy focus in the Lakes Region, New Hampshire and Hudson Valley, NY. For travel outside of New England, please inquire about our availability. We love to travel and explore new areas with you.

What do we do on our initial consultation?

We talk about you! The initial consultation is really intended to get to know you and what you have started dreaming up about your wedding or discuss your current wedding plans. We ask a multitude of questions which helps us understand the scope of your wedding day and provide a fun conversation. Our consultation will last between 45 min to an hour pending what we discuss. Ideally both members of the couple are on Skype or in our meeting together. This is also a time to ask us questions about planning, the industry, etc. Its a complimentary hour with a planner!

After our meeting, I typically have enough information to put together a detailed proposal based off of our meeting and you will receive that within 24-48hrs.

Why do you need to know my budget on our first call?

Your entire wedding planning rests on your budget. If we have false ideas of what your budget is, it will be much harder during the planning process to make adjustments. If we know upfront, we can make sure to give you proper direction, ideas, and also know how we be most effective.


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