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Your Maine Wedding will be the talk of the town long after you walk down the aisle.

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Lets start by saying that most weddings nowadays are destination weddings, whether it is for friends, family, or the whole guest list. Rarely are couples hosting their wedding in the same town they both grew up in, where all their friends and family still live. There are many contributing factors to this, but mostly because couples want something special and unique. That may mean a special venue location that might not be found in the town they grew up in, or a desire to capture the nostalgia that the inner city just can’t offer, or wanting to have a retreat for everyone so the wedding feels like an adventure escape, verses just an after party. When considering your Maine Wedding, here are the highlights that keep generations of people from all over the globe visiting the Rocky Coastline every year.

The Way Life Should Be: Lets just say it, Maine is quite perfect in every possible way. Blending mountains, serene lakes, rocky coastlines, and ocean breezes certainly helps Maine live up to its “Vacationland” nickname. With so much natural beauty and non-commercialized towns, Maine offers a true escape and a sort of throw back to the “way life should be”. Your guests will be in awe of the beauty and peace of Maine, and be grateful to experience such a unique and tranquil getaway.

Non-Traditional Venues: Much like the non-commercialized towns, you will not find hotel chain ballrooms on every corner, but you will find private oceanfront estates, hotels that Rockefeller frequented, refurbished farms and barns, lakeside camps, botanical gardens, and many more simply unique venues that offer a elegant natural flair.

Maine Lobster: Some of the freshest seafood in the world is pulled right out of the Rocky Maine Coastline, and makes up over 90 percent of the nation’s lobster supply. (yum…please pass the butter) Which means, lobster is good eaten’ and also a great treat for your guests at the most affordable cost you will ever get in the country. Even if you don’t love Lobster, it is quite the delicacy for your guests and a perfect addition to your Maine Wedding.

If you are considering hosting your once in a lifetime event in Maine, we would love to chat with you and discuss your ideas, dreams, and vision. Schedule a complimentary {fun} call with Heidi at heidi@seacoastharborevents.com

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Lakes Region Wedding Maine

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Maine Farm Wedding

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